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As Cerritos families highly value education, the City of Cerritos expanded library services for young adults, in grades 7 - 12, with the development of the new Cerritos Library Teen Studio. The Teen Studio is a dedicated, 2,500-square-foot multi-purpose space where teens can participate in activities which encourage their educational, creative and personal development.

The Teen Studio’s furnishings, equipment and floor plan were influenced by suggestions from Cerritos teens who participated in design development meetings. The Teen Studio offers teens access to state-of-the-art technology, group and individual study areas and the Cerritos Library’s young adult collection. The collection consists of some 7,000 items, including classic and popular fiction, study guides, graphic novels and periodicals. A Cerritos Library staff member is available in the room at all times to assist the teen patrons.

High Tech Features The Teen Studio’s high tech equipment includes 18 Apple computers, a 40-inch computer surface table, three 65-inch interactive wall-mounted smart displays, two 32-inch e-posters and a multi-function printing device. The 18 computers offer leading-edge software and provide Internet access. For Cerritos Library cardholders, Internet connectivity is also available for personal laptop and notebook connections through data ports offered at tables throughout the Teen Studio. Wi-Fi access is also available in the Teen Studio for Cerritos Library cardholders. The computer surface tables make it possible for teens to share, collaborate and explore together using a large, thin display that recognizes fingers, hands and other objects placed on the screen. The smart displays combine the touch capabilities of an interactive whiteboard with the crisp visuals of flat-panel display technology to elevate collaborative computing and learning. The e-posters feature artwork created by teens and highlight information about upcoming programs.

California Garden Studio Theme The Teen Studio provides seating for up to 66 teens and the tables, computers, computer surface tables and bookshelves in the room are accessible and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Cerritos Library has gained international renown as the world’s first “experience library” as each area in the library has a theme. The new Teen Studio continues this tradition with a sophisticated California garden studio theme. This theme was developed for the space as it features extensive north and east facing windows. The studio concept is also an extension of the theming found in the Library’s arts and crafts and art deco areas, which celebrate innovative art and architectural styles developed in California. California is also known for its influential high tech industry and design, music and film studios; places where people work individually or in collaboration on creative projects.

The Teen Studio features an attractive and durable plank vinyl floor with a pale pine finish. The furnishings have a color palette consisting of green, plum, silver and blue. The computer chairs feature a lively shade of green. The room also has stools and chairs with a maple finish and ottomans that evoke the shape of a leaf. The furnishings contain a high percentage of recycled materials. The west wall is covered in a super graphic mural of succulent plants in hues that tie in with the colors in the room’s furnishings. The garden theme is also represented on four columns in the room. Two columns are clad in reeds encased in a translucent cover, which is lighted on the edges. Another two columns feature elegant super graphics of jade plants. The bookshelves feature end panels with a translucent azure finish.

Programming The Teen Studio is open seven days a week for drop-in use by teens. Cerritos Library has also developed special programs for the Teen Studio which focus on education and college preparation. Programs include small-group writing workshops, financial literacy classes, college funding research presentations and seminars for young entrepreneurs.

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